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We are an apparel and accessory boutique for Women and Men. We methodically and carefully select each item brought to us and choose based on current trends, seasonality and condition of the item.  While we try not to be brand snobs, we look for items that are high quality, desirable and in great condition.  With clothing sized from 0-3x and a variety of styles there is truly something for everyone.

Our items are sorted by category, size and color to make shopping more convenient for you.  Our categories include, tops, tees and tanks, sweaters, shorts, cropped pants, pants, skirts, dresses, activewear, coats, jackets, pajamas, beachwear, shoes, belts, scarves, jewelry, handbags and so much more!

We have dressing rooms, great music, seating and friendly staff always ready to assist and give honest advice and feedback.

Alternatively, we have a small selection of our items featured in our online store


“For seven years I have been visiting Perennials on a regular basis. Sometimes I leave with an armful of treasures and other times empty handed. Nevertheless, every time I leave having had a great time hunting and chatting with Kathy and her great staff. Kathy and her team only accept quality products that are current in fashion. My mom used to say to me…You might not have a pot to pee in, but you sure look like a million bucks!”

Thanks to You Perennials!

Sheila Ryan